Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Technology and the Mediascape in the Future

In five years, e-readers will have become commonplace, although they still won't have completely overtaken books and other paper media. Smart-phones will go from becoming "an option" to "the only option," although hopefully phone data plans will decrease in price. 3D will be making a bigger move into home entertainment, especially in video-games. Television will be more interactive and allow more options for video recording and customized playback. Online activities like shopping and chatting will become more streamlined and more easily accessible without a computer. Electric cars will be more popular, but still won't be standard. Animated films will continue growing in complexity and popularity.

3D and motion capture will be a standard for video-games. Television will be completely customizable so that adjustments can be made on a per-user basis. Personal computers will give way to more streamlined online communication devices. Electric power in cars will be standard and continually improving in efficiency. Commercials will be commonplace not just on television, but in stores, restaurants, etc - restrictions will need to be created to ensure that certain areas are free of commercial intrusion by advertisements. The process for the creation of animated films will be much more streamlined technologically.

Computers, smart-phones, and other media and communication devices will be replaced by something much smaller and more efficient - these devices will be a normal accessory for every person. The more these are standardized, the more they will become a way for people to express their individuality. Serialized television shows will still be around, however "television" won't exist. The technology for the creation of high quality animated films will become much more accessible for normal people.

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